Småland Food Lab Launch

Småland Food Lab is one of Swedish TLLAA’s innovation projects. We are using growing, cooking and eating as a way to bring generations together in knowledge exchange and innovation. We hope this will result in both community and exciting new innovations. As increasingly more is known about diet and both physical and mental health, food is an important focus for active ageing work.

The first Småland Food Lab even was held in the beautiful lab hall of Linnaeus University as well as outdoors. The event gathered 40 representatives from local and regional governance, SMEs,researchers, students and citizens. We explored how we can create a dream municipality where food – growing, cooking and eating – is at the heart of health, happiness, integration, circularity and security. As one of our transdisciplinary participants said: the kitchen is a powerful place. Of course cooking played a central role. We made scenario salads – a method we have developed to simultaneously bring a team together, generate and present concepts – to complement a beautiful bortsjtj and smoothies. All with rescued produce and produce from the Feminist Farming project which is run by students at theDepartment of Design. The workshop was energetic, with some excellent insights into how food can nourish integration. These are being translated into more food focused workshops. The event took place during MAT 2018.

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