Småland Loppis Lab – Erikshjälpen

Småland Loppis Lab workshop. Erikshjälpen, Växjö. 9 December, 2017.

Can skills sharing be a way to bring different generations together? What skills have you got that you can share? What would you like to learn from a different generation? These were some of the questions we asked through our workshop at Erikshjälpen. This is a very popular charity that brings together a diverse group of people, to shop affordable secondhand, to chat over a coffee, or just to browse. ‘Loppis’ is a Swedish term for jumble sale. We are hoping Småland Loppis Lab can be a jumble of skills, experiences, stories – and of course things, that different generations can trade, share, build on and take inspiration from. In the workshop, which was very popular amongst young children, we used simple building materials to sketch out what Småland Loppis Lab might do, how a physical site might work. Through interactions with older and young er people at Erikshjälpen, we learnt how much easier it is to say what we don’t know than what we do, and how often it takes a friend or child to speak up for the skills and knowledges we have. As we continue developing Småland Loppis Lab, we are exploring collaborations with existing jumble sales and charity shops, as well as how we can have a mobile lab to make skills and knowledge share available at home. Småland Loppis Lab forms part of our work to bring generations together and to imagine new or renewed opportunities of work and occupation.

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