Krakow Open Living Lab Days workshop

TLLAA workshop at Open Living Lab Days, Krakow, 31 August, 2017. (Sara Hyltén-Cavallius, Chika Sekine, Hiroko Akiyama, Eva Pavic, Kyle Kai-Yun FAN, Mathilda Tham and Naoko Haraguchi)
The entire TLLAA team joined in Krakow to facilitate the workshop Transdisciplinary and transnational co – creation for health and care in an ageing society. The oversubscribed workshop gathered a stellar international group of experts in collaboration on mobility, work/occupation and housing. We used the Five Levels of Story – telling tool to travel from individual experiences and interests to shared understandings and ideas for innovation. One exciting concept that emerged was the intergenerational start up. The workshop took place during Open Living Lab Days organized by the European Network of Living Labs of which Småland Living Lab is proud member since 2016.

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