TLLAA Collaboration Workshop

TLLAA Collaboration Workshop, Imaizumidai town center, Kamakura City, Japan, 5 April, 2018

A workshop was held at the Kamakura Living Lab while the Swedish team was visiting Japan. Members ranging from local residents, corporate workers, government administrators and researchers tackled “Loneliness,“ a theme that will be harder to avoid as ageing progresses – how do people envisage Loneliness? The workshop also tested whether the “Five Levels of Story – telling tool” developed by the Swedish team (from metadesign tool Collective Story-Telling) can be applied in culturally different countries such as Japan.

The participants were at first surprised of being asked to draw and create haikus to express their minds but were quickly absorbed in the process and were able to contemplate about themselves and shared their views. At the end, they sang “Twinkle twinkle little star” together, embroidered a heart shaped felt, and took a group photo. The three hours flied by, and they enjoyed sharing their thoughts across different cultures, generations, positions, and jobs. The workshop ended in success, with a shared understanding across members of different generations that ageing and loneliness is not necessarily dismal. How can this understanding be applied in industry and society? The challenge of TLLAA has only begun.

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