The first Living Lab Networking Conference

Network conference, Japan Science and Technology Agency, Tokyo, 6 AprIl, 2018.

The first LivingLab Networking Conference was held, calling living labs in Japan to come together. Japan recently saw launches of many living labs with at least 32 labs that we know of. The conference was planned in order to build a network to share experiences, knowledge, and challenges at this important early stage.

The University and research institutes involved in Småland Living Lab, Sweden  introduced its activities in Sweden, and gave a brief explanation of the global living lab network, ENoLL,  which mainly targets European labs. From Japan, Kamakura Living Lab and the VintageSociety Lab, a lab hosted by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry presented their activities.

At the end, the representatives from the Sweden-Japan Living Labs, collaborating corporations, and various panelists discussed the relationships among corporations, local governments, universities/research institutes, residents and the living lab, and the “ideal management model” of living labs. Many opinions were given for the realization of a  sustainable and evolving Living lab: living labs should aim to create at least one important innovation; a person who can act as a mediator between the end users and the lab should be trained among participating residents; it is important to create a place where different types of living labs can share their challenges and knowledge.

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