TRALALA Choir scenario

TRALALA Choir. ETC Café, Växjö, 9 December, 2017.

Singing can bring different generations together and help us access memories. These are two starting points for our new TRALALA (TLLAA) choir. We are developing this scenario through processes of co-creation with intergenerational audiences. The first iteration took place at ETC Book Café in central Växjö. It was a three-hour-long drop in session open to the public, with a short workshop repeated every half hour. This comprised of three steps: singing memories – sharing memories of songs and singing, singing together, reflecting on singing together and developing ideas for the TRALALA Choir. We brought in a repertoire of well-known Christmas songs and used Spotify as accompaniment. The group decided collectively on what to sing. Soon the group left the Christmas theme and picked songs from ‘memory lane’, with accompanying stories. At this first session, only men turned up – a change from our previous events. It was a fun afternoon which gave us new insights into, for example, how to work with a repertoire. TRALALA Choir continues at ETC Café this spring and we will also take it to specific audiences in the region, developing the format into a prototype that can be used in different context. A key development area now is how home bound citizens can join the choir, and even participate just through listening when too tired to sing.

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