Kamakura Living Lab Kicks Off!

The kick off event at the Imaizumidai town center, Kamakura City, Japan, 22 January, 2017.

A kick off event for the Kamakura Living Lab was held in Imaizumidai, Kamakura, Japan, which will be the locus of future lab activities. The event was attended by 82 participants including residents from the area, people from local and national government, corporations, and universities.

The event started by defining what “Living Lab” is, as the notion was new to many participants. The Q&A session was lively, and many residents asked questions, as well as shared their opinions. Technology under development such as personal mobility and life support robots were on display, attracting strong interest from the guests.

The Living Lab will bring together corporations, government, universities, and residents together to contribute their different abilities to create new ideas and services that would enrich people’s lives. The ultimate goal is to propose life designs and new social structures fit for an era of centenarian life span. The project launched with a positive and hopeful vibe.

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